Message from

Vice Chancellor

Johar! It is my honour and pleasure to be able to lead Srinath University, a young and dynamic educational institute, which has emerged as an abode of holistic learning and all-round education. Founded in 2021 by the visionary entrepreneur and philanthropist, Mr. Sukhdeo Mahto and with the aid and assistance of Sandhya Sambhu Educational Trust, the University continues to inspire students towards higher education.

The scene of higher education in India has been growing through tectonic shift with the emergence of new technology and innovation that makes learning an enjoyable experience. Keeping pace with the global advent, Srinath University seeks to expand the domain of digital technology to all fields of study, ensuring the finest infrastructural development. The university promotes inter-disciplinary studies and believes in interactive learning. Developing digital library for the faculty and students and providing access to e-learning resources is our primary goal to make sure that there is never any hindrance in extracting knowledge.

The university boasts of hosting a plethora of varied fields of studies- from engineering to management, science to humanities.

Departments of Yoga and Fine Arts allows the students to maneuver their creative spirits under the guidance of the finest educators. Our vision is to expand our courses and bring the various vocational streams from medical to law, hotel and hospitality management to agriculture and fisheries within one grand campus. To us, education goes beyond the textbook knowledge and we out more emphasis on practical and pragmatic abilities than mere factual information. Our skilled faculty members engage the students by raising their curiosity and urge to learn.

All the programs offered by Srinath University follow the Choice Based Credit System and Outcome based approach that does not restrict the students to a superficial, theoretical knowledge but gives them the direction to dive into the depths of understanding.The syllabus has been molded as per the New Education Policy which allows more freedom to the students in choosing their courses and subjects. The educators have also been trained to adopt the NEP 2020 with repeated seminars and workshops, ensuring a smooth transition.

Dr. Shiva Nand Singh

Vice-Chancellor, Srinath University

At Srinath University, we emphasize on hands-on training, experiential and participative learning and encourage the students to indulge in real-life problem-solving exercises instead of the traditional rote learning method of imparting lectures. We understand that education is a two-way teaching learning process. The management and teaching faculty leave no stone unturned to give the students a taste of the life outside the university campus by means of organising frequent visits to industries, securing them industrial internship and giving them practical assignments that will widen their scope of understanding. Srinath University has organized compulsory soft-skills and reasoning classes for students of all departments to train them for interviews as well for government jobs in future.

With a fully functioning NSS unit, the university believes in carving students into responsible and charitable citizens than mere bread-earners for their families. The NSS unit of the university has adopted 5 villages under the Indian Government’s Unnat Bharat Abhiyan and regularly organizes events for awareness and benefit of the same. The NSS unit, with the help of the student volunteers, regularly organizes community service events within the university campus that broadens their horizon of thoughts and also gives them a platform to channelize their ideas.

Srinath University trains the students to have the ability to question every wrong and take a stand against it by inducing in them a strain of compassion and empathy. We believe that imparting quality education and enabling the students with the desired confidence and passion, and above to carve out good human beings who will serve as assets to the nation, is the primary function of a university and we hope to stay dedicatedly on our path of righteousness.

Knowledge is the most important thing
without which one can not achieve his goal.
— Rig Veda