Ph.D. in Mathematics

Welcome to the captivating realm of a Ph.D. in Mathematics, where the elegance of numbers, the allure of patterns, and the pursuit of knowledge intertwine! Pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Mathematics is an extraordinary opportunity to dive into the depths of mathematical theory, conduct groundbreaking research, and contribute to the advancement of human understanding. This advanced academic program is designed for individuals passionate about mathematics and eager to make significant contributions to the world of pure and applied mathematics.

The Language of the Universe

Mathematics is the language that underpins the natural world and is the foundation of many scientific disciplines. As a Ph.D. candidate in Mathematics, you will immerse yourself in a vast and diverse subject, encompassing areas such as Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Physics, Computational Mathematics, and more. These areas offer a rich tapestry of research possibilities, allowing you to explore the frontiers of mathematical knowledge.

Fee Structure
The Academic Session 2024 – 27
FEESFirst (Rs)Second (Rs)Third (Rs)
FEESFourth (Rs)Fifth (Rs)Sixth (Rs)
FEESSeventh(Rs)*Late fine of Rs 20/- per day will be charged after the
Due Date of Each Installment.

The student must have completed a master’s degree in  Mathematical or Physical Sciences/ BTech Candidates from any discipline ,M.Phil with a minimum of 55% marks from a recognised university, 5% relaxation in ST SC OBC.

Program Highlights

Our Ph.D. program in Mathematics offers a stimulating and supportive environment to fuel your intellectual curiosity. Here are some program highlights:

Cutting-Edge Research: Engage in innovative research under the guidance of esteemed faculty members who are experts in their respective mathematical fields. Your research endeavors will contribute to the ever-expanding boundaries of mathematical understanding.

Specialization and Flexibility: Tailor your Ph.D. journey to match your passion by selecting a specialized area of mathematics. Our program allows you the flexibility to design a research project that aligns perfectly with your scientific goals.

Advanced Coursework: Strengthen your theoretical foundation with advanced coursework, equipping you with the latest mathematical theories, methodologies, and problem-solving techniques.

State-of-the-Art Facilities: Access cutting-edge computational resources and mathematical software, enabling you to conduct advanced simulations and analyses.

Collaborative Community: Become part of a diverse and supportive research community, where mathematical discussions, seminars, and conferences foster a stimulating exchange of ideas. Interact with fellow scholars and experts from around the world.

Career Avenues for Ph.D. in Mathematics

Industrial Research and Development

Data Science and Analytics

Financial Analysis and Quantitative Finance

Operations Research

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

Government and Policy Analysis

Consulting and Problem-Solving

Software Development and Computer Science

Entrepreneurship and Startups