Srinath Centre for Career Developement

The Srinath Career Development Centre (SCDC) serves as a pivotal resource for students navigating their career paths, offering comprehensive counseling and guidance. Emphasizing that career development is a continuous journey; SCDC employs a multifaceted approach to empower students in making informed career decisions.

Central to SCDC’s mission are personalized counseling sessions that assess each student’s strengths, weaknesses, abilities, and interests. Through these assessments, tailored career guidance plans are formulated, recommending suitable professions and industry segments. Recognizing the importance of practical readiness, SCDC conducts specialized workshops designed to prepare students for rigorous selection processes encountered in the job market. Additional training modules are offered to equip students with sector-specific skills, enhancing their employability across diverse industries.

A hallmark of SCDC’s strategy is its commitment to staying abreast of industry dynamics. This is facilitated through regular interactions with corporate professionals, industry experts, and subject specialists who share insights into current trends and expectations within various sectors. These engagements not only broaden students’ perspectives but also provide invaluable networking opportunities critical for their professional growth.

SCDC further supports students in securing summer placements, leveraging partnerships with industry experts and consultants who evaluate individual profiles to align career choices with personal strengths and aspirations. This holistic approach ensures that students not only find placements but also embark on career paths that resonate with their personalities and ambitions.

Operated under the leadership of the Director of Training and Placements, SCDC is governed by a committee comprising students and faculty representatives. Membership in SCDC is open to students seeking campus placement support, contingent upon adherence to attendance and participation requirements established by the centre.

In essence, SCDC stands as a cornerstone in fostering career development among students, advocating a proactive and lifelong approach to navigating the complexities of the professional world. By providing robust counseling, targeted workshops, and industry interactions, SCDC equips students with the tools and confidence needed to embark on fulfilling career journeys aligned with their individual strengths and aspirations.

Industries visiting during campus placement

The Live Trainings and  Corporate Interactions