My journey of last 1 year in this University has been amazing and it’s full of colourfull memories. I just want to thank each and every member of the University who has been a part of my journey here. It is easy, happy, lively and wonderful because of all.

Akansha Kumari

Student, Srinath University, MBA batch 2023.

Studying at Srinath University has been a transformative journey for me. The faculty members are not just teachers but mentors who are always ready to guide and support us. The B.Com Hons program at Srinath University has exceeded my expectations. The diverse range of subjects covered and the emphasis on practical learning through projects and case studies have helped me develop a holistic understanding of business world. The campus facilities are top-notch, providing a conducive environment for both academic and personal growth.

Kajal Kumari

Bcom(H) Sem 3, Batch 2022-2025

I am Sumedha Singh, 7th Kolhan University Topper of B.Ed batch 2017-19.

I am here to tell you the secret my success in B.Ed. “SRINATH COLLEGE OF EDUCATION” has not only helped me grow in my academics but it has given a special attention to the EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES too.

Extra-curricular activities performed here helped me to develop my personality to a great extent, boosting my confidence adding to my high rise.

Sumedha Singh

Student, Srinath College of Education, Kolhan University 7th Topper, B.Ed., 2019

When I took admission in the college in June 2018 I was in the final trimester of my pregnancy and had no idea how I m gonna manage everything. After a month our classes started and I came to know more about the college and the faculty members.

College time is said to be the best time in one’s life. I must say that it’s a true fact. I met new people, got some really wonderful friends and most importantly I got to learn many new things over here. In the beginning I was not that confident that whether I’ ll be able to do this or not but thanks to our teachers who constantly motivated me to do better and better everytime. My journey of two years in this college has been amazing and it’s full of colourfull memories. Be it the Hindi Mahostav, Savan Mahostav, Teachers Day or Annual Day we all were always encouraged to come forward and participate. The teacher of our college taught us not only in the four walls of the classroom and their teaching was also not limited to the syllabus, but they all taught us how to face life in true sense. The teachers are very helpful and encouraging. It’s all because of them that today I am more confident than I used to be earlier. I just want to thank each and every member of the college who has been a part of my two years journey here. It was easy, happy, lively and wonderful because of all.

Monika B. Anand

Student, Srinath College of Education, B.Ed batch 2018-20.

The whole new experience of an adult’s life. It’s that part of life, which one can never forget. My experience at Srinath University has taught me one fundamental thing – life is unpredictable. It might be good, it might be bad, it might be weird and it might not interest you, but expect anything to happen.

College allows all students to dive deep into the Ocean of new beginnings and possibilities and for sure to dive deeper one need a support and that comes from the teachers and all the faculty members. They helped me to explore my potentiality  in real life.

I have got the opportunity to learn from some great research minds. Teachers are nice and understand our problems. They provide us PPTs, Notes and other study material for exam and they did their best to make it as simple as they can. They gave their 100% to each individual . Even our HOD helped us in every problem as well as he always used to talk personally and tried hard to solve problem faced by any of his students.

The classrooms, washrooms, labs, food outlets are very neat and clean. Security is always present and prompt at the college gate. College library is well equipped with all the study material.

Moreover, people always look back at the time spent in the college canteen. It is considered the hub of every student where they enjoyed eating and gossiping away with their friends.

Another experience I have seen in people, are, they cherish the most is the annual fest and Hindi Mahotsav. It creates so much excitement and buzz amongst the students. Everyone welcomes other colleges with open arms and also make new friends out there. All the competitions were carried out in a good spirit and the students dress up their best to represent their college.

Laxmi Mahato

Student, Srinath College of Education, B.Ed batch 2018-20.