Message from

Director Training and Placements

Dear Students,

Welcome to a pivotal phase of your academic journey. As you begin at our institution, I encourage you to approach this period with purpose and determination. This time is not solely about gaining knowledge but about laying the groundwork for your future careers.

We are committed to fostering your growth and success through comprehensive support, including robust placement assistance and personalized career guidance tailored to your aspirations. Your active engagement is crucial; immerse yourself fully in your studies, exploring practical applications beyond textbooks.

Make the most of workshops, seminars, and interactions with industry experts organized by our faculty. These experiences will broaden your perspectives, deepen your understanding of industry trends, and refine your professional skills, preparing you for corporate challenges.

Let us collectively pursue excellence in all aspects of academic and personal endeavors. Embrace challenges as opportunities for growth and setbacks as stepping stones to success. Each day offers a chance to learn, evolve, and excel.

Together, let’s create an environment where academic achievement, personal development, and professional success are attainable goals. With your determination and our unwavering support, I am confident each of you will carve a path to a fulfilling future.

Thank you for choosing our institution. Your presence enriches our community, and I eagerly anticipate your achievements.

Best wishes for the journey ahead.

Mr. Subhadeep Bhadra

Director, Training And Placements